The Importance of Potency

When you buy a homeopathic remedy, the name is always followed by a number, and a letter – usually a ‘d’, ‘x’, ‘c’ or ‘M’. This combination of numbers and letters indicates the potency of the remedy. We not only have to match the remedy picture to the presenting symptoms, but also the potency to the ‘energy’ of the complaint. You might use an Arnica 6c to help shift an old bruise, pop a 200c into the mouth of a screaming child who has just tumbled off of the monkey bars, and place a 10M under the tongue before you go to bed to help shift the trauma from an accident which occurred several years ago.

Join me at the First Aid Fridays as we explore Homeopathic remedies which are useful for the treatment of shock and injury, and the appropriate potencies to employ for the most effective healing.

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