A Message in the Mirror

A few weeks ago, I found myself staring deeply into the eyes of my reflection. We had been spiraling around each other for some time, like two stars hesitating in the face of an inevitable collision. Don’t we all have moments of holding our breath before turning to face the mirror? 

I knew my reflection had a message for me, so I began to question, allowing curiosity and a falling away of any agenda to guide my asking. The space between us appeared simultaneously infinitesimally small and large. Time rushed forward and backwards, up and down and came to a complete stop on the surface of the mirror, half way between our physical forms. I wondered if he was an artist, and heard myself ask the question.

“I am a writer.”, came the reply. Yes, of course, a writer. I had forgotten. I, too, was a writer. 

Often the obvious can be so enlightening. With much appreciation, I turned to go, promising to purchase my reflection’s book in the near future. I imagined it full of wisdom, beauty and truth and much space in between, offered as a gift of permission to surrender into the nothing of everything. A few heartbeats later, as I tore open packaging, and flipped through pages I found that my imaginings had already taken form. So many words, designed to stimulate and still the mind, interspersed with so many blank pages. So much empty space-time to dive into, to let go and relax out of.

Our senses are delightful little antennae, reaching out into the world to collect and relay back to us the vibrations of our reflection. Once we detach from the delusion of separation, every morsel of information seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched and felt can be welcomed as a tiny pixel of our mirrored self, a little hors d’oeuvres of a meal which we planned, either consciously or unconsciously at some point in what we call the past. The wavelengths and frequencies bouncing around beyond our skin boundaries are but ripples emanating from a never ending pulse right at the center of our being.  

There is always a message for you in the mirror. You can look away and spiral around your Self for eons, but eventually some stars are destined to collide. And what a deliciously catastrophic, cosmic act of creation that is!