Based on the principles of “like curing like”, Homeopathy is a system of medicine which has been used successfully for hundreds of years. The remedies are non-toxic and offer a gentle method for bringing the whole human back into a state of balanced well-being. This process of healing will unfold as we explore your history and begin to access the true roots of symptoms that are being expressed by your body, matching these expressions with the specific curative remedies.

Cease Therapy

This highly specialized Homeopathic treatment effectively detoxes the body and eliminates many of the challenging symptoms arising from high levels of toxicity in our environment. CEASE Therapy was originally developed by Dutch homeopaths, Tinus Smits and Ton Jansen, to alleviate symptoms associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In addition, it is now recognized to be beneficial for the treatment of a wide variety of dis-ease caused by a history of excessive medication, drug use or chemical exposure. 

Space Time Healing Journey

Utilizing the Regression techniques developed and taught by Brian Weiss and incorporating breathwork, movement, and bodywork, these dynamic healing sessions lead you into a deep state of relaxation and focused attention. In this state you are able to access points in time and space where an experience may need to be re-lived in order to effect profound healing. Professionally guided, and with the support of your own higher self, your exploration in this work is gently and safely navigated resulting in desired processing and healing integration.

A Cup of Tea Talk

A time for you to be deeply heard, I will hold this space for you to speak, and I will listen. To assist in a possible needed shift, I will share my many resources in our process. Let’s pause, breathe, assess, speak the old and open to the new. Finding an entrance into decision-making based on creativity and conscious response, we will let go of old patterns of fear and reactivity.

All consultations will be held at the Home Nest, 189 Spring Lane, Boulder.


  • We can honestly say that  Celia is by far, the most experienced, professional, compassionate and dedicated Homeopath we have had the pleasure of working with. She has helped our son CJ, who has speech and other developmental delays. CJ now uses more than twenty five words, is at school, and is doing great!

    Lori, Chris & CJ Papandrea - Boca Raton Florida
  • Celia is a gifted, applied and disciplined practitioner, but above all a calm and compassionate caregiver. Her multi-disciplinary approach enabled her to greet everything I threw her way with real understanding, and to address the needs of my body, mind and soul with sound advice. She did not always tell me what I wanted to hear, but she always told things in the way that I wanted to hear them. She is warm and generous, and I am forever in debt to her, for I truly feel she saved my life.

    Alexandra Jordan - Barbados

Every moment of your life
is infinitely creative,
and the Universe is
endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear
enough request, and
everything your heart desires
must come to you.

Mahatma Ghandi