Born and raised in Barbados, I carry the warmth and light of my native island with me always.  Like the waves and winds, my life has been defined by an insatiable desire to move, create, and heal. In my youth the inspirations gained from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda motivated my life-long metaphysical exploration. My soul’s journey led me to becoming a professional dancer and choreographer, later a dance and Pilates teacher, and a practitioner of yoga for over twenty years. In addition, I became a Thai Yoga and an Indian Head massage practitioner. As a mother of two young children, my training as a Homeopath and Kids’ Yoga and Mindfulness teacher became significant in both my personal life and career journey as well.

I am excited by the metaphysical and practical alignment between Eastern philosophy, New Age spirituality and modern physics. I am also passionate about shining the light of consciousness on thought, word and action, and bringing intention to the fascinating adventure of creating our own realities.

My commitment to personal evolution and sharing tools to empower my clients to become self-reliant, lies at the core of every class, consultation and treatment I offer at the Conscious Nest.

With gratitude and devotion to the journey,