An Act Of Observation

Your mediation will be an act of observation. Watch the breath waves, and watch the thought waves as they rise and fall. Approach the process with kindness and curiosity. There is no right and wrong here. There is only the blissful moment of you sitting with you.

As you observe the waves rising and falling, you will become aware of the pause, the space, the stillness, between thoughts, between inhalation and exhalation, and between exhalation and inhalation. These are the sacred spaces of creation. Every question you have ever asked, has an answer which arises from the depths of this space. Every desire you have ever felt arises from the depths of this space. Every reality you could ever conjure, arises from the depths of this space. It is like the quantum field, out of which every ‘thing’ arises, and into which every ‘thing’ falls.

When you dive into this space, you align with your receptive mode – the energy of the Divine Feminine. You dive into her womb. The entire Universe is conspiring to support you in your every endeavor. It is constantly whispering guidance to your senses. When you dive into the space, you become quiet, and you are able to receive the guidance. Again, there is no right or wrong. The idea of right and wrong engenders fear, which paralyses and disempowers us. Your path is ever unfolding under your feet. You cannot step off of your path. In every moment you are in the ‘right’ place, doing the ‘right’ thing.

So smile to the racing thoughts. Watch them fall away into the space, and then catch their tails and dive in after them. Dive into your now, and into your natural sate of bliss. Allow yourself to expand way beyond the limitations of your physical body, until you feel that you are the space. You are a Divine Creator. You knew that when you focussed your perspective into your physical body. Now it is time to remember.