I caved in and lit a fire a few days ago, as the temperatures plummeted at a pace which would make any Caribbean islander quake in their boots. I was quaking in my furry house slippers! My husband rolled his eyes at me, “Do not worry, you will be in Barbados in two weeks.” His comment provided little consolation for me in the frigid moment in which I was lost, contemplating six more months of winter. Today, life is warmer, and I feel that I must explain to you my upcoming absence between October 18 and 27. I am heading home, to Barbados, for a friend’s wedding, but the vast majority of my nine days on the ground will be spent teaching dance classes and developing new choreography on students, dancers and teachers across the island.

This is a project which is very dear to my heart, as it has been eighteen years since I have worked at home, and I feel passionately about sharing my talents, skills, knowledge and light with the community in Barbados. I am indebted to the Barbadian people, as I received a full scholarship from the Barbados Government for my undergraduate study at New York University. There was no requirement to repay the scholarship, but rather, I was bonded to return home to work  for the same number of years as I spent completing my BFA. Since I graduated from NYU, I have only spent one year at home, and twenty years living in the USA and Europe. I feel strongly that it is now time for me to Give Back to Barbados! So, I thank you for your understanding of my pre-Halloween departure, and I will see you with costumes and candy at the end of October!