Soften the Sternum, Surrender the Heart

It would seem that 2020 is to be a year of ease and flow, of alignment and allowing, and of miraculous manifestation. In service of this ideal, what if we were to drop the stress and striving which manifests in our bodies as a lift and holding of the sternum and a state of suspended expansion in the front of the ribcage? What would it feel like if we could release the fighting and forcing to prove that we exist, and soften into the knowing that we are – always and in all ways?

How delicious to finally give up the tension tug of war between the breastbone and the lower thoracic spine, surrender the heart center and feel the sigh of relief wash up and down our spines, freeing the pelvis to dance on the femur heads and the skull to balance on the top of the atlas!  Give your body the long overdue gift of a full, efficient, cleansing, energizing breath, allowing the lungs to fill right to the bottom of the lobes, and the ribcage to expand laterally and posteriorly. Breath is life. Soften your sternum, surrender your heart, breathe easily and flow your Happy New Year!