Bridging the Gap | Mindful Touch for Couples

Do you remember playing in a stream as a child? And making dams and bridges and setting leaves and sticks and paper boats free to catch the current downstream? The water never stopped flowing, did it? No matter your most gallant efforts, the water always found a way to flow. Well, what if there were no obstacles that could stop the flow of your life? What if every time something happens in your life, something over which you might say you have no control, something which appears out of left field, throws a spanner in the works, and generally screws up your plans, you could find a way to relax, let go and surrender to the current?

The painful gap in our romantic relationship that uncomfortable silences can create is often extremely challenging to bridge with words. Further, as our lives become complicated by careers, expanding family and other modern entanglements, it is not uncommon for us to lose the sensuality in our relationship. With this lack of physical touch, the space between us seems to grow wider.