A Recipe for the Prodromal Period

Most of us will never know if we have had COVID-19, as we will be asymptomatic or will experience mild symptoms which will certainly not warrant harassing the medical authorities to conduct a diagnostic test. As most complementary practitioners do, I believe in maintaining health, as opposed to waiting for a diagnosis in order to enact lifestyle change. There are a few things I keep at the ready to support natural healing as soon as I feel like I am getting sick. Earlier this week, I felt a sore throat, eye congestion, and extreme fatigue. Not wanting to risk the development of any other symptoms, this is the recipe I used, which along with rest, had me back on my feet in twenty four hours:

  • Aconitum Nepallus 200c: every five minutes for six doses; then every fifteen minutes for an hour; then half hourly for two hours; then hourly for the rest of the day
  • Soverign Silver Bioactive Silver Hydrosol every two hours
  • Kick Ass Immune Activator every two hours
  • Pure Encapsulations Ascorbic Acid 1000mg every two hours
  • Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30mg three times a day
  • Elderberry infusion consumed as often as possible
  • Organic Ginger root and Organic Tumeric root infusion with a squeeze of lemon consumed as often as possible
  • Four Bioplasma Salts pillules dissolved in each cup of hot beverage 
  • Warm, strong salt water gargle several times a day